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Debridge Solicitors - Legal Services

We will only take on work that we have an expertise in. If we are not able to take on your case, then we will endeavour to refer you to an appropriate lawyer or other agency who will be able to assist you.

We primarily specialise in criminal, motor and immigration law. We also deal with the other areas including divorce and separation, child access and contact applications, residency and parental responsibility.

Criminal Law

24 Hour Police Station Advice

If you are detained at the police station, you are entitled to free legal advice. Always ask to speak with us when you arrive at the police station. We will provide advice to you over the telephone and if necessary attend the police station to advise you further face to face. The police can only delay your access to legal advice in very limited circumstances.

This is an important stage in any criminal case as often what happens at the police station will affect how your case will progress.

Remember, you can call us any time - night or day - if you or a friend is detained at a police station.

Police Interviews

If the police have indicated that they want to speak to you, contact us. We will liaise with the police to arrange for you to attend the police station by appointment with one of our legal representatives.

Magistrates' Court Work

We deal with all aspects of Magistrates Court work from guilty pleas to trials and we will do our best to secure the best outcome for you.

We can represent you in cout. Talk to us now

We are particular about examining the evidence against you and whether or not the prosecution have made out a case for you to answer. We will always be honest with you about the strength and weaknesses of your case. Our team has extensive experience of representing clients at hearings, trials and bail applications.

Crown Court Work

Our legal experts will ensure that your case is thoroughly prepared. We will instruct an appropriate representative from our network of Barristers and their Chambers and ensure they are fully briefed on your case.

Motor Law

We are able to offer you advice on all aspects of Motor Law. If appropriate, we can provide representation if you are appearing before the Court for driving offences.

The law in this area can be complicated and often the correct advice can make the difference between you keeping your driving licence, being given a period of disqualification from driving or in the length of the disqualification imposed on you. We offer a diagnostic interview during the course of which we will identify the issue and advise you. We are also able to represent you at any Court hearing - including any appeal against a decision made by the Magistrates Court or a request for a re-hearing at the Magistrates Court.

Immigration Work

We provide legal services for the following areas of immigration law:

Immigration issues? Talk to us now
  • British Citizenship/Nationality
  • European Citizens and their family members
  • Student visas and extensions
  • Visa applications
  • Work permits
  • Travel Document applications
  • Married/civil partnership/unmarried partners/fiancee/same sex couple visas and applications
  • Family immigration issues e.g. adoption and care proceedings
  • Asylum applications
  • Human Rights and Outside the Rules applications
  • Deportation and Illegal Entry

If you are in need of urgent legal assistance, or simply want some help with some ongoing litigation then we are here to help.

Contact us today - we can help you.